Nahma Township Veterans Memorial

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Nahma Township Veterans Memorial
veterans memorial project

The residents of Nahma Township have started construction of a Veterans Memorial located in the Nahma Township Park in Nahma. The memorial will be dedicated to Richard Morrison, for his lifetime commitment of working for veterans and their families.  Local community organizations and volunteers have completed site preparation, the concrete on site and the blocks.

We would like the names of all Veterans that have lived in Nahma Township to be a part of this Memorial. Please contact Ken Bradshaw with the name and branch of service – (906) 420-3745.

Future needs include:

  • Flag poles and flags
  • Dedication monument
  • Wall plaques
  • Engraving of veteran names
  • Replacement of the sod, trees and planting
  • Benches and lighting

How to Contribute

If you would like to contribute to this memorial, you may do so by sending your donation to the following:

Nahma Township Veterans Memorial
First Bank
1400 Delta Avenue,
Gladstone, MI 49837

If there are questions please contact: Ken Bradshaw (906) 420-3745 or 420-1790.